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Childrens Activities

Cranbourne Community House Inc. childcare centre is licensed and registered with the Department of Human Services. This means we have strict regulations to follow which are set by the government. The regulations cover the activities program offered to the children, care of the children, discipline and treatment, safety for the children as well as parents and staff rights. A copy of these regulations is available for everyone to read. Our TAB sessions are staffed by experienced staff and the number of staff are determined by the Department of Humans Services child: staff ratio (as per regulations).


We offer 3 different children’s activities:


Take a break/occasional care


TAB is a program offered to families to assist in the general well being of all family members. Babies and children attend while parents/caregivers complete domestic duties, attend appointments or relax. Parents/caregivers are not required to stay at  Cranbourne Community House TAB.


Generally families book into the same session each week for the term or even the year. A holding fee applies if you are absent to ensure your place is available next week. This provides security and routine for the family, child and child care staff. Children then attend with the same children each week and form friendships.


An educational and care program is offered to the children to develop their skills. There is a possibility of emergency child care places in the event care is required.


Sessions are held Friday so please contact us for details.


3 Year old Activity Group - 3 Hour sessions

3 Year Old Kinder is designed for children aged 3 years and over to participate in a group environment and refine their skills in readiness for kindergarten the following year. Children are encouraged to develop their independence skills in social eating, listening and being part of a group. Trained staff assist the children to negotiate with words rather than actions. Information morning for the following year held in Term 4.


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Supported Playgroup

For preschool  children and their parents/caregivers to socialise and have fun. There is an organised activity roster as well as outdoor play. Parents stay with their children and are responsible for their own children at all times. 


In all our children’s activities we encourage healthy eating so please no junk food unless for special occasions like birthdays.


Please feel free to come in and see our activities in operation or phone us for further details.




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